Alice Morgan and the Luther Effect: More Female Villains, Please.

2 thoughts on “Alice Morgan and the Luther Effect: More Female Villains, Please.”

  1. Women will never loose the perception of delicate china doll best locked in the display case for her own safety by only pushing for women in safe protected roles. The first step in getting women treated like people is to break the myth of the divine feminine. The first step in this will be more well written female villains.

  2. Hi! I really hope you see this, and hopefully reply!
    I don’t know how but I came across this article just now and I was wondering what were your thoughts on this subject now, 3 years later.
    I have in mind some TV shows that don’t have just one female villain in their seasons, but two, three or more. But I feel like in some cases, the female representation is still missing a bit of well written characterization. The arcs for this villains tend to be not as well formed as their male counterpart, and that’s just sad.
    At the end, we are getting our hands full of bad written villainesses with terrible dramatic arcs that end up killed or missing pretty quickly, just for sake of the tv show. And, taking the words people usually use to describe them, they physically are “super hot” or “fugly”, whatever the media think that corresponds to nowdays. I feel sometimes that the physical appearence it’s still one of the main points that writers use to build a female character, even if it’s not relevant for their story, and end up placing them in one end or the other of the “beauty spectrum”
    Great blog, by the way. I just discovered it, but I’m subscribing for the new articles.
    (I hope this is understandable, I’m from Chile and English is just another language that I’m practicing)


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