Zero Dark Thirty: The (Pointless) Debate Continues

2 thoughts on “Zero Dark Thirty: The (Pointless) Debate Continues”

  1. I can’t help but notice that defenses of ZD30 as anti-torture all conveniently leave out some pretty big plot points. Like the part where Jason Clarke’s character tells Amar that he’ll start torturing him again, which prompts him to give up Abu Ahmed’s name. And no one mentions the character who says straight-up “I’ll do anything to avoid being tortured again, I’ll tell you anything” when he’s threatened with rendition to Israel.

    And that Cohen quote is a whopper. ZD30 could only be comparable to Guernica if Guernica depicted the moral trauma that bombing Basque civilians had wreaked on the mental well-being of a Messerschmidt pilot in Hitler’s Condor Legion.

    1. @Pat – I see your points. But I think the fact that you see torture victims doing anything they can to NOT be tortured depicts precisely how horrible and awful it is and leads you to wonder how the hell our government ok’d this “enhanced interrogation” (or any interrogation that involves physical violence or mental manipulation of the person being questioned.) I think it depicts how dark a time it was for our country. Other people see it differently. Although I am defending the film here, as you pointed out, I mostly wanted to point out that there are multiple ways to view a film or a piece of art. There’s not a “right” way, rather many interpretations. My defense of the film is my interpretation, other people have theirs.

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