Robin Weigert Should Have Her Own TV Show

Celeste’s therapy sessions in Big Little Lies were perhaps the most intense scenes of the series—until the series’ murder finally unfolded—and while watching Celeste (Nicole Kidman) come to terms with her husband’s abuse, viewers may have also been playing the, “hey, it’s that guy!” game when it came to Celeste’s therapist, Dr. Reisman. The phrase …


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Jodie Foster & Money Monster

Money Monster, Jodie Foster’s fourth directorial effort, received a standing ovation at Cannes and earned $15 million during its opening U.S weekend, an 180 degree difference from her last film, The Beaver, which opened amidst a storm of controversy surrounding lead actor Mel Gibson’s bigotry. But no matter the media frenzy, Foster navigates it all … Continue reading Jodie Foster & Money Monster